Best motorcycling roads in Belgium

Although Belgium is a compact nation with roads that are not seen as the best in the world, these roads are great for driving, especially if you own a motorcycle. Bike lovers enjoy driving all over and explore the natural wonders hidden in Belgium. Depart from Bruxelles, feel the wind blowing in your hair, put on your headphones with loud music and hit the gas until you will arrive to your destination.

Drive your motorcycle throughout Belgium

If you are on your motorcycle and you want to rediscover the charm of Belgium, with its picturesque roads and idyllic countryside, all you have to do is just leave the hustle and bustle of Bruxelles and choose a destination. Wherever you will go, you will admire the gastronomical, historic and photogenic highlights hidden all over this fascinating country.

Have an incredible driving adventure in Ardennes and take pleasure in the breathtaking historic landscapes from your old motorcycle. This circular drive is great if the weather is fine or you are prepared for a change of weather. Drive southwest to France, take a glimpse to the medieval castle hidden in the village of Hierges, accelerate on N95 towards Rochehaut and enter Buillon to admire the castle dating back to the seventh Century..

Your motorcycle will run smoothly on the castle run, around the Chateau de Buillon. Placed in the Semois valley, in the southwestern corner of the beautiful Belgium, this castle is sure to make you dream of princesses guarded by mighty dragons. Lead your horse – your powerful motorcycle – nearby this castle and be the savior prince charming of the beauty hidden in the fortress. Your escort will be amused by this tale and you will have a wonderful time exploring the castle.

Hop back on your motorcycle and admire some legendary battle sites from World War II at the Bulge. Begin your journey up north, in Trois Ponts, drive on N68 nearby the border of Schmiede, follow the N7 towards Luxembourg and get back to Houffalize, from where you will need to drive to Bastogne. It is a place where a great battle took place and Mardason memorial is just one of the constructions to remind us of these sacrifices.

Another historic path that you should explore is Napoleon’s March. Enjoy this motorcycle drive from Beaumont to Charleroi on N53, stop for a short break in Ham-sur-Heure and take the N29 and then N98 right before getting to Waterloo, where he was defeated in the famous battle. Do not forget to turn up the Route de Lion to charm your eyes with the specular panoramic view.

Numerous other wonderful roads will keep you enticed while you will explore Belgium by motorcycle. Wherever you will go, you will discover other parts of this country’s history and the breathtaking views will be a real feast for your eyes, mind and soul. Wander in the woods of Neaufchateau, uncover the secrets hidden in Foret de Chiny and get ready to find new treasures nearby the Belgian roads. Hop on your motorcycle and hit the road towards the most appealing destinations in Belgium!